The "Troy Village Homeowner's Association," is a Wisconsin non-profit corporation. The Homeowners' Association is made up exclusively of Troy Burne Village lot owners. Each lot owner is a member of the Association by virtue of lot ownership. Click for Picture Gallery of Troy Village

The Homeowner's Association is governed through by-laws which regulate its administrative procedures. The purpose of the Troy Village Homeowners' Association is to own and manage the common areas within Troy Burne Village as well as administer and ensure compliance with the Covenants.

The Homeowner's Association owns the private Park and private walk-paths within Troy Burne Village. It provides for the administration and maintenance of these and other features such as:

  • Landscape maintenance for the park, the walk-paths, the main entrance area, the boulevards and the cul-de-sacs.
  • Payment for street lights, walk path lights and monument lights.
  • Liability insurance coverage.
  • The Association also administers the assessment and collection of the annual dues from each lot to cover the related operating expenses.

During the initial development of Troy Burne Village, the Homeowner's Association was managed by Troy Development Corporation. As Troy Burne Village became substantially developed, the management of the Homeowner's Association was transitioned to a Board of Directors who are members and are voted into office by the membership. The Troy Burne Village Homeowners' Association membership meets annually to conduct its official business. At the annual meeting, the annual operating budget is approved, projects completed during the year are reviewed, and projects planned for the upcoming year are discussed.

TVHA Board of Directors
Title Name Email
President Jill Klanderman
Secretary Debby Lineer
Treasurer Jay Schroeder
Maintenance Amy Bratulich
Architectural Review Ronna Ellis